Celebrate Pancake Day with veggies on the flipside!

Pancake day is a seasonal treat and while lemon and sugar is a classic why not celebrate with some veggie fillings for a savoury feast.

Celebrate Pancake Day with veggies on the flipside!

Why do we celebrate pancake day?

Lent is the time in the Christian calendar when people ‘fast’ for 40 days. Generally this means giving up sweet treats like sugar and chocolate, to get ready for the over indulgence of Easter.

Lent begins on Ash Wednesday, so the Tuesday before is a last chance to stuff yourself silly. This is known as Shrove Tuesday, or more colloquially as Pancake Day. Pancakes are a great way to use up fat, flour and sugar before the fasting begins, which is how the tradition started.

Because Easter is a different date each year, the day that we call Pancake Day shifts too. This year it is on March 1st.

Go wild with pancakes for main and pudding

In the UK we tend to go for a simple sweet pancake with sugar and lemon, or maybe a bit of chocolate spread. But pancakes can make a delicious main meal too.

If you want to go vegan with your pancakes check out the BBC Good Food recipe here.

Try these tasty vegetarian fillings

The French know how to make savoury pancakes to make your mouth water. Try these classic fillings – and don’t forget to flip before adding them!

Spinach and cheese – any cheese will work, let it melt and soften in the pan before serving. We like brie or cheddar.

Peppers and onions – you’ll need to soften these first in a bit of olive oil, then sprinkle over the flipside of your pancake before serving.

Creamy leeks – soften leeks in a little butter, add a splash of white wine and a dash of cream and you have a luxurious filling ready to serve.

Garlic mushrooms and Mascapone – again the mushrooms will need to be prepped in advance, then just sprinkle over with some dollops of mascapone cheese and let them warm through in the pan before serving up the pancake.

After your main have double the pancake joy with a sweet one – bananas and maple syrup, strawberry jam, classic lemon and sugar or chocolate spread.

After that feast you’ll be ready for Lent!