Use your loaf

It’s national bread week and we celebrate baking your own for full flavour and less waste.

lots of different types of bread in a pile

Why do we have national bread week?

Back in 2009 the Real Bread Campaign set up National Real Bread Week to celebrate local bakers, craft bakers and home bakers who preserve and share the traditions and tastes of a proper loaf.

The week long  celebration asks people to shop local and support bakers who are making real bread, which is great for reducing food miles and carbon emissions.  It also helps give the local economy a boost, which is great for the community.

In addition Real Bread Week invites people to try baking their own, especially to get children into baking (often a small one who won’t eat wholemeal, will when they have baked it themselves!) and to learn the value of eating something made from scratch.

Why home baking is good for you

Making bread from home can help to reduce plastic waste, and you know exactly what has gone into your loaf when you eat it.

Bread making is much easier than people think and it can save money too – a shop bought ‘real bread’ loaf will be much more expensive than making one, plus your house gets to smell delicious while it bakes!

Studies also show that simple creative tasks like baking help boost our mood, reduce depression and anxiety and generally improve our sense of wellbeing.

baker with ball of dough on a floured surface

Get baking!

Get into National Real Bread week and give these great bread recipes a try…let us know in the comments section how you get on.

This a great recipe for a simple soda bread by River Cottage – you can knock this up quickly to go with lunch as it doesn’t need to rise in the same way as a traditional loaf.

A classic wholemeal loaf by Delia will get you eating healthier and baking into the bargain!

If you want to try your hand at a home made sourdough loaf, try this beginners recipe from Bake With Jack to get you started. The unique taste of a handbaked sourdough will have you wanting to bake on a more regular basis!

Of course it doesn’t just have to be a classic loaf of bread, you can make an excellent pizza base too or even try your hand at flatbreads to enjoy with curry or stew.