Universal Health Coverage for All

7th April is World Health Day. The World Health Organisation is asking all countries to work together to provide universal health for all.

Universal Health Coverage for All

Why do we need World Health Day?

World Health Day started in 1950 to celebrate the founding of the World Health Organisation two years earlier in 1948.

This year WHO celebrates its 70th birthday, just like the NHS. And just like the NHS, it believes that everyone has the right to healthcare when they need it.

We continue to celebrate World Health Day because there are still global health inequalities, and climate change is making the problem worse.

Therefore, we embrace 7th April to raise the profile of global health, and push for a world where everyone gets the care they need when they need it.

Universal Health Coverage

WHO want everyone to get the health care they need, and they are calling this Universal Health Coverage.

Like climate change, ill health knows no borders. Diseases spread across oceans and we all need to work together to tackle these problems, and care for each other.

This short video made by WHO explains more about is meant by Universal Health Coverage.