Top tips to get walking

Our Step Up Challenge is at the half way mark for many participants; to help you with the last leg here are some handy hints to keep up your motivation

Top tips to get walking

Three Trust Challenge

We have three NHS Trusts taking part this year, SCFT, Sussex Partnership and SASH.

People could sign up for a virtual route to walk until the end of February and then everyone had 12 weeks to complete their chosen route.

Across the three Trusts almost 400 people are taking part who collectively could walk 66,946 miles if everyone completes their route in time.

We’re asking all participants to send in a photo of their completed challenge chart once they have finished their 12 weeks – so if you are cramming in the miles and cover a greater distance than your route that is okay!

Send them to hello@carewithoutcarbon.org.

Don’t give up!

breathe easy work out at work
Staff at Beach Park House get together for a walk

If it feels like you will never reach your final destination, don’t despair, we have some helpful thoughts  to keep you walking…

  • Give yourself a break – if you don’t manage as many miles as you hoped in a day, that is okay.
  • Use the time between things – lunch breaks, after dinner but before your favourite TV programme starts. This is the perfect time for a quick walk round the block.
  • Do it with others – if you’re taking part as a team walk together and turn the walk into a social or make it a family event and bond over the miles. As the weather warms it is the perfect time.
  • Embrace alone time – conversely going for a walk can be a great excuse to grab some ‘you time’ and enjoy the peace of being out on your own.
  • Remind yourself of the benefits – maybe you have lost weight, maybe you haven’t gained any while still enjoying chocolate? Walking is a great way to build effortless exercise into your day (and it is free!)
  • You’re doing your bit for the environment – walking is the cheapest form of travel and it doesn’t pollute the air we breathe either! Who wouldn’t want to walk?