Sustainability isn’t just about caring our environment, it’s also about caring for our people. And that means our staff as well as our patients. Have a look at the tips below for some ideas on healthy living…

Keeping well at work

We have a very simple philosophy, healthy behaviours are sustainable behaviours. What is good for us, is nearly always good for our environment too.

We’ve compiled a few ways you can embrace healthier habits…

Choose active travel

We need at least 30 minutes exercise every day. Try to travel to work or meetings by foot or cycle rather than in the car – or get off the bus a few stops early to build a small walk into your routine. See our Smarter Travel tips for more ideas and info on support available.

Take time for yourself

Have a proper lunch break away from your work station and try and get some fresh air while you’re at it. Go for micro-breaks during the day too – a few minutes every hour will make all the difference.

Going for a walk is a good way to have some time to think and headspace. We’ve got a great blog on the ways walking can boost wellbeing in both mind and body.

Are you sitting comfortably?

Try and avoid back pain by varying your work activities (and therefore your position), maintaining a good posture at your desk or in the car and using equipment provided (for example a hoist) if you’re trained to do so.

This short video has some tips for exercises to help you stretch at your desk.

Green your workspace inside or out

Believe it or not, greening your office with plants will help reduce stress and improve air quality – not to mention making it a more pleasant place to spend time. Have a look at this article to find out which plants are particularly good and try introducing into your office – don’t forget to look after them though, check the label for advice on how to care for them.

Your Trust has a varied wellbeing programme in place to support your wellbeing at work. Click on the relevant link below to see what they are doing.

Keeping well at home

We spend a lot of time at work but what about when we’re at home? There is lots we can do there too that will boost our wellebing in mind and body…

Try having a meat-free day each week

A balanced diet with lots of veg and reduced meat improves your health and reduces the risk of heart disease, cancer and stroke. It also has a lower impact on the environment – carbon emissions associated with vegetarian diets are half that of meat-rich diets, with red meet being the main culprit.

Try going meat-free one day a week – for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Don’t forget to substitute meat for another protein though – have a look at the Meat Free Mondays website for more info and ideas including some great veggie recipes!

Drop a bad habit

Whether it’s a glass too many in the evening or a sneaky cigarette after dinner, we all have little habits that are not so good for us. Reducing how often we do it and in the case of some perhaps stopping altogether can be a great boost to health and wellbeing.

Chose a day and stick to it! Throw away your cigarettes, lighters and other paraphernalia – and spend the money you save on treats, a trip to the cinema or a holiday. For more info, check out the NHS Smokefree advice.

Do what you love

Allow yourself the time to indulge in things you love from reading a book to going fishing.

We have a great blog on why it matters to ensure pleasure is part of our lifestyle.