The whole world needs less plastic

Choose to reuse this July and join an international effort to create less plastic waste

The whole world needs less plastic

#OneLess Piece at a time

Our Care Without Carbon programme is working to help NHS Trusts across the South East to reduce the impact of delivering healthcare on the environment.

We have a dare called #OneLess Piece of Plastic, which is a pledge to tackle unnecessary single use plastic both at work and at home. This handily coincides with Plastic Free July which is run by the Plastic Free Foundation, who started in Australia but are now global in their reach.

Say no to plastic waste

Plastic Free July is an easy way to start to make a difference with the rallying cry ‘choose to refuse’ for items such as straws, bags and cups. There is a lot on the website to support you in choosing to refuse.

And we want everyone to take our pledge too, #OneLess Piece of Plastic – you can do that here.

If we all use just one less item of plastic in our everyday lives it will begin to tackle the mountains of plastic waste we create daily around the world.