The mountains of Massachusetts

As we continue along the Appalachian Trail as part of our Great Frontier route we reach Mount Greylock, Massachusetts. An 11 mile long mountain range, in the northwest corner of the state.

Lake and forest scene

A safe haven for wildlife

The area is known for being the only boreal forest in the state, which was the first area of public land to be designated for preservation, a first for conservation.

The ecosystem plays host to over 132 different species of birds, which rely on the habitat in order to breed.

An innovative space within the States…

More widely the state is known for innovation and the famous Harvard University, the oldest higher education provider in the United States.

Due to this culture of innovation, the state is known as a cornerstone of modern American civilisation. With America’s first post office opening here in 1639, and the first subway system opening in Boston, the state’s largest city.

A state best known for its baked beans

This week’s recipe, a Bostonian twist on a staple food in the UK, Beans and Franks. This dish consists of baked beans in a signature sauce paired with thinly sliced hotdogs.

Baked beans in a bowl

They first emerged during America’s period of Civil War in the 17th century as a ‘canned convenience’ food but remain very popular to this day. So much so that national Bean ‘N’ Frank day is held annually on the 13th of July.

Why not try your hand at a British classic with a twist this week, for example Beans & Franks on toast, or sausage mash and Beans & Franks? It would also be possible to make this recipe using plant based hotdog alternatives.