The home of country music

Week 6 of our Step Up Route Recipes takes us to Tennessee, where meat and three is favourite meal…

4 sweet potatoes

A landlocked State with a big heart and a big appetite

Tennessee is known as the Volunteer State, and forms part of our Great Frontier Route in the Step Up Challenge. The name comes from sending much needed volunteer troops to help in the Revolution against the English and again in the Mexican War.

But perhaps the state is most famous for being the home of Elvis, and the Grand Old Opry where country music is king.  Names like Memphis and Nashville are synonymous with country music and many fans find their way there to pay homage to the country greats.

The Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee attract more visitors each year than the Grand Canyon!

It’s also famous for its love of BBQ food, and there is a famous meal combo known as a ‘meat and three’ which locals will order pretty much every time. Essentially this is a BBQ meat and three side dishes, all lovingly created by hand for a full flavour experience. In particular locals love to eat sweet potato fries as one of the sides, and the area is famous for them.

Sweet Potato Pancakes

As part of our Step Up Route Recipes we thought we’d explore the sweet potato beyond the fries and discovered another local favourite is the sweet potato pancake.

For an authentic experience we turned to Deep South Magazine for a recipe you can try at home – find it here – and enjoy a Tennessee taste without having to travel.

Sweet potatoes are a great source of fiber and are rich in potassium, as well as being a good source of vitamins C and B6 so help the body function well.