The classic cream tea

Our Step Up Route Recipe exploration continues with a visit to Devon for a traditional cream tea as part of our Bones Route along the Jurassic Coast.

jam and scone

So important it's going for protected status

The Devon Cream Tea (hotly contested with by Cornwall who lay equal claim to the scone, cream and jam combo) is so valued by locals they applied for protected origin status to ensure the quality of the dish is preserved.

There is evidence that a type of bread served with cream and jam was eaten in Tavistock Abbey in Devon back in the 11th Century. Today the cream tea is a little sweeter with scones rather than bread.

There is debate between Cornwall and Devon as to whether it is cream or jam first, and Devon favours butter before either too but either way you choose to have it, a cream tea is a delight.

While we know a cream tea is a bit naughty, as a once in a while treat its a great mood boost, especially shared with others after a good walk.

Make your own cream tea

There are two elements to the cream tea that you can create for yourself, the scone and the jam. The cream and butter you’ll need to buy (and its clotted cream for the proper experience).

We’ve got a lovely scone recipe from the reliable Mary Berry, and you can choose whether to bake them plain or with raisins. Find it here.#

For the jam, its generally a strawberry jam you would use – here’s our favourite recipe – and we’ve also gone rogue with a cherry jam option too – find it here. When making jam do be careful as it gets incredibly hot, and patience is the key to it reaching the right consistency. Save old jars to store your jam in – here’s some tips for how to sterilize them.