Swap In September

Air pollution and health are intrinsically linked, which is why, as part of our ongoing work to Care Without Carbon we encourage as many staff as possible to take part in our revamped Swap In September campaign.

Swap In September

A month long campaign across several NHS Trusts

As part of our work to Care Without Carbon we are asking everyone to tackle air pollution this September by choosing more active travel or mindful use of vehicles.

Last year we launched as Breathe Easy September across our region. This year, in respect of the challenges we have faced in 2020 we decided to revamp the campaign which is now called Swap in September. The message is simple, swap how you get from A to B for a less polluting alternative.

We hope that together we can begin to tackle local air pollution to begin to mitigate the negative health impacts that air pollution contributes to within our communities.

Through our activities we aim to:

  • Reduce idling on our sites
  • Reduce the volume of vehicles coming and going from our sites
  • Promote walking, cycling and public transport as commute options
  • Encourage more active travel both at home and at work
  • Encourage take up of e-cars or hybrids from Trust lease schemes
  • Promote availability of the cycle to work scheme and the potential to access an e-bike via this scheme

What will it involve?

Once again you can support our ongoing Dare to Care campaign by taking a pledge called ‘I dare to #activecommute which we encourage as many people as possible to sign up to.

The Pedal Power Dare Challenge is back! It brings teams together (although individuals can take part too) to tackle one of three virtual routes over 8 weeks – and you can log your rides via the Love to Ride Cycle September website, confirm to take part by 1 September to enter the early bird registration prize draw!

No Idling posters will be available for your sites, to encourage people to switch off diesel engines when stationary.

There will be weekly blogs on the Care Without Carbon website and lots of information shared on Twitter too so if you don’t follow @CareWithoutCO2 yet then now is the perfect time to start.

Please do talk to colleagues about Swap In September and help us to begin to tackle air pollution, which can create so many avoidable health problems.

Why this matters

The links between air pollution and health are strong, and as healthcare providers it natural that we try to tackle this.

You can read the report ‘every breathe we take’ by the Royal College of Physicians which is a great exploration of the health impacts of air pollution in the UK.

For a more global perspective this piece by the World Health Organisation is worth looking at.