Sustrans support NHS staff in active travel

The national charity Sustrans are providing key workers with local info on freebies and discounts that support the choice to cycle to get from A to B.

Sustrans support NHS staff in active travel

Great offers and discounts for all key workers in the UK

As part of our Swap in September campaign we’re promoting cycling as one possible swap you can make to travel in a less polluting way from A to B.

The national charity Sustrans have developed a great interactive map for NHS staff and key workers to ensure they have access to all the best offers and information they need when choosing to cycle.

The map shares details about:

  • offers on cycles and equipment
  • free and discounted repair and maintenance services
  • free and discounted bike-sharing schemes
  • bike stores that remain open in the local area.

You will find the map at https://www.sustrans.org.uk/campaigns/cycles-for-key-workers/

Cycling is a great way to boost wellbeing in mind and body which in these challenging times is so important.