Sustainable Health and Care Week starts 25th June

The NHS will be celebrating National Sustainable Health and Care week for the first time this June. SCFT has something for you to get involved with every day the whole week…

sustainable health and care week

What is it all about?

Sustainable Health and Care week celebrates and promotes best sustainable practices across the NHS, public health and social care sector. This is the first year the week takes place, organised by the NHS Sustainable Development Unit and NHS Employers.

Every day during that week is themed around an aspect of sustainable healthcare.

  • Monday 25 June – Waste and resources
  • Tuesday 26 June – Travel
  • Wednesday 27 June – Community
  • Thursday 28 June – Innovation and technology
  • Friday 29 June – Green space

The broad range of themes is a great way to raise the profile of what we mean by sustainable healthcare. While politicians and the media portray it as essentially about saving money, the reality is very different.

At SCFT the Care Without Carbon team works hard to embed sustainable thinking in all aspects of the Trust both clinical and non-clinical. We believe that health and sustainability are intrinsically linked, and that we all have a part to play to create a greener NHS.

How SCFT will support the week

We’ll publish a blog on the Care Without Carbon website, and promote articles on the Pulse every day during that week, so you can dip in and take part at any point.

Monday 25th – sign up for Warp It and join our stationery amnesty. It is a great way to get rid of stuff you don’t need and save some money too! Declutter and destress!

sustainable health and care week

Tuesday 26th – pledge to try a pool car instead of using your own and/or take our one less car journey dare.

Wednesday 27th – tell us what you think about talking to our patients about sustainable healthcare.

Thursday 28th – find out about the ways we’re thinking smarter through technology to cut our carbon footprint or share your ideas with us about ways we can be more innovative to make better use of our resources today, so they are there for us tomorrow.


Friday 29th – share your favourite green spaces with us for a lunch time break or walk. We’ll collate the suggestions into a handy guide for staff.

Do keep an eye out each day for what is happening and get involved! We’d love to hear your stories, please email us at hello@carewithoutcarbon.org or leave a comment below.

Infographic for why sustainable healthcare matters

We’ve created a simple infographic to show why we choose to Care Without Carbon. The benefits to the NHS are multiple:

Sustainable behaviours are healthy behaviours – so the more we choose to live and work sustainably the better our health will be.

Healthier lifestyles mean we are healthier people, and we’ll have less need to call on health services, saving the NHS time and money in the future.

Reducing our environmental impact saves us money, which we can put back into patient care.

sustainable health and care week