Sussex Partnership staff can find out why healthcare does its bit to be sustainable

There is a lot happening to create a greener NHS at the moment, but why does it even come down to healthcare to reduce its carbon footprint?

man holding a lap top and the word webinar

A free webinar for Sussex Partnership staff to learn more about sustainable healthcare

The work to reduce the impact on the environment from delivering healthcare is a long term project, that we call Care Without Carbon and Sussex Partnership have been delivering Care Without Carbon for a couple of years now.

While there are loads of staff getting involved we wanted to share with more people at the Trust why it matters that healthcare tries hard to do its bit to tackle climate change.

In June the Care Without Carbon team launch the first in a series of webinars that will help build understanding about what we mean when we talk about sustainable healthcare.

In this first webinar we’ll talk  about the links between healthcare and sustainability. and our plans to cut our carbon emissions and make better use of resources through the ongoing programme of Care Without Carbon.

The webinar takes place on Monday 7th June 2pm to 3pm virtually through Sussex Partnership’s Go To Webinar platform. If you would like to attend please email hello@carewithoutcarbon.org.