Sussex Partnership laundry gets a green clean!

Sussex Partnership have introduced a new laundry detergent which is plastic free, reduces wear and tear on the washing machines and has fewer chemicals with no loss in cleaning performance

Sussex Partnership laundry gets a green clean!

Striving to deliver more sustainable healthcare

At Sussex Partnership there is an ongoing programme of work to deliver Care Without Carbon. This work continues to develop, and as part of that from May as a trust all laundry going forward will be cleaned using an environmentally friendly laundry detergent called smol™ an innovative new product that took over two years to develop to ensure it met strict sustainability criteria.

Tested to make sure it works

The Trust have trialled smol™ at Millview Hospital for a year. The feedback has been very positive, and benefits also include a massive reduction in washing machine breakdowns and far fewer call-outs to Estates colleagues. This saves time and resources and reduces wear and tear on parts.

Why changing what we use for laundry is positive for the environment

smol™ is delivered at no charge to the Trust in plastic free packaging that can be fully recycled, and the detergent pods dissolve in the wash. In addition they use essential oils rather than chemicals to create a fresh clean fragrance and the cleaning agents also contain around 50% less chemicals than other brands with no compromise on cleaning performance. It is a cleaner, greener laundry detergent in every way.

We also order in bulk to reduce the number of deliveries, which helps to reduce the carbon footprint of getting the product to us too! A minimum order of 30 boxes will cover over 700 washes. The compact packaging also means storing the detergent takes up less space making it easier to keep in bulk.

To order for your team at Sussex Partnership...

The Trust’s Oracle system has been updated with this new product and from now on, alternative options will not be visible to ensure we all make the right buying choices to reduce our impact on the environment.

To order simply log into oracle, click on iproc and in the search field enter smol and click go – you can then choose between bio and non-bio options.

To find out more about smol™ check out their website https://smolproducts.com/

We are confident that smol™ will deliver an equal or better clean than leading laundry detergents without the plastic waste and with less of an environmental impact.

This is one more way we are starting to do things differently to become a greener Trust, and we aim to bring you further innovations in the future.