Step Up Challenge is back!

Our annual Step Up Challenge is back with three great routes to get you walking.

Step Up Challenge is back!

Want to know about the Step Up Challenge?

For the past four years we have run the Step Up Challenge across three NHS Trusts, and last year we felt the time was right to refresh the challenge with some added extras and new routes – you can give the revamped challenge a try this year too!

The basics of the challenge remain the same. There are three virtual routes to choose from and you have 12 weeks to walk enough miles to complete your chosen route from your start date.

The challenge launches first week in March and is open until the end of April, so you can choose a start date anytime between those dates and you get 12 weeks to complete your route from the date you start.

The three routes are…

The Bones Route: a virtual adventure along the Jurassic Coast on foot covering 95 miles of ancient coastline. The area was the inspiration for the writer of Broadchurch and the writer Thomas Hardy.

The Fairytale Route: take a walk from Dover Castle to the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen, a route of 1050 miles that takes you to the home of Hans Christian Anderson, one of the most well-known fairy-tale writers in history.

The Frontier Route: a virtual adventure along the Appalachian Trail on foot. Travel writer Bill Bryson famously covered the Appalachian Trail in his bestselling book A Walk in the Woods. It is the longest hiking-only trail in the world at 2100 miles.

It's about more than taking a walk

This year, as well promoting walking which is so incredibly brilliant for health in mind and body we are building in some other factors.

So every route is linked to a writer, and we’ll encourage you to relax with a good read after you’ve had a good walk to help recharge mind and body.

We’ll also be posting weekly blogs throughout March and April with recipe ideas linked to the locations you’ll visit along the routes. The recipes will look at seasonal ingredients and veggie options to keep our food inspiration as healthy and sustainable as possible.

Plus we are linking in with Trust charities so you can use your Step Up Challenge as an opportunity to fundraise.

Get involved!

To take part in Step Up Challenge 2022 all you need to do is email hello@carewithoutcarbon.org with your name, chosen route and start date and you will be sent a challenge pack which includes a chart to capture all your weekly miles towards your final destination.

If you are forming a team (and you can do it remotely as a team with one person to co-ordinate the group miles each week onto the chart if for social distancing reasons you can’t get together to walk) then just let us know in the email the names for each team member.

Happy walking! (Also if walking is tricky for you, we welcome people taking part by cycling or wheelchair to ensure the challenge is more accessible for everyone.)