Smart metering to save money

The Government wants us all to have a smart meter by 2020 – but what’s the benefit?

smart metering

Are you energy smart?

Energy suppliers are currently rolling out smart meters in people’s homes with the Government aiming for there to be a smart meter in every home in the country by 2020.

With over 26 million homes in the country this might take some time – but you can start making the most of the benefits of having a smart meter by contacting your energy supplier today.

How they work

Smart meters digitally send meter readings to your energy supplier meaning that your gas and electricity bills are more accurate and ensure that you’re not paying for more energy than you use.

An in-home display connected to your electricity and gas smart meters shows you how much energy you are using at any time. It shows you visual information about your usage in recent weeks or months as well as how much this is costing you in pounds and pence. This can help you to identify where you might be wasting energy and help you to reduce it.

87% of smart meter users say they have a better idea of what they are spending on energy, with 71% saying they feel more in control (Smart Energy GB)

Save money and use your energy wisely

By showing you how much your energy usage costs you, you can easily work out which appliances are costing you the most money.

You can see the direct impact of your habits and lifestyle on your energy bill and make changes to reduce your energy use and make savings on your energy bills.

smart metering

Being aware of your energy use at home makes you are more likely to be smart with energy at work as well. The information provided by the in-home display can also help you make smarter decisions when switching energy supplier (although with a smart meter it may take a bit longer to switch as the meters need to match up) and if you are on a pre-payment meter, better help track how much available credit you have.

Creating an energy efficient nation

Smart meter technology in our homes and businesses is a key part of updating the country’s energy infrastructure. Smart energy grids means that the electricity and gas can be provided more efficiently and reliably by better matching supply and demand, as well as helping us get the most from variable power sources like wind and solar.

The best thing is that there is no direct cost for upgrading to a smart meter as the cost of the roll-out is already covered in the utility bills we pay.

So get smarter with your energy today – contact your energy supplier for more information on how you to get your smart meters installed.