Show the earth some love this Valentine’s Day

The Earth needs love too! Every Feb the 14th we create tonnes of waste in the name of Love, let’s do it differently for 2022.


5 easy ways to love the earth this Feb 14th

Across the globe people scrabble for roses, cards, chocolates and teddies that will be loved for a day. Over priced dinners will be consumed in over full restaurants all in the name of romance.

Valentine’s Day on February 14th is the hallmark holiday to crown them all. Thousands of years ago in Rome it started life as the Lupercalia Festival, which celebrates the emergence of spring. Girls and boys would pretend to be girlfriend/boyfriend and sometimes this pretend romance would turn to real romance.

The Church turned the pagan Lupercalia Festival into the day we know today as St Valentine’s day. St Valentine is thought to have defied the Roman Emperor Claudius to marry people, after the Emperor had outlawed marriage in the belief it ruined his soldiers.¬† So there is a bit of romance in there.

Over the years, this has all been lost in a fit of consumerism, and the message today is more about how much can you spend to show your love.

But it doesn’t have to be that way

These 5 easy tips can transform your Valentine’s Day into a truly heartfelt celebration of love – whether that is with a partner, family or friends. Because love comes in all shapes and sizes.

  1. Make  card. Use an old cereal box, stick some paper over it and hey presto a card ready to be decorated. Collage from old magazines and newspapers, draw, paint or stick stuff on. You are reducing waste, and sharing your creativity. Nothing says I love you more than the time it takes to make something personal. Even better weather permitting, chalk a valentine message on the pavement outside their door Рno waste and a beautiful surprise!
  2. If it has to be flowers why not buy some bulbs, or a potted flowering plant, that will last way beyond the day itself, so your loved one will have a more permanent reminder? You could even plant a tree in their name, what could be more romantic than that?
  3. Green your gift. If you really plan to splash out on gifts, these green gift ideas could help inspire you. Or go vintage and give something old a new lease of life.
  4. Cook at home. Instead of spending a fortune for a restaurant you have to beg for a table at, enjoy your own space and cook for your loved one. You can buy from local suppliers, and if you cook veggie options then your green credential get even better! A lovingly prepared home cooked meal is the ultimate romantic gesture.
  5. Take a romantic walk. Instead of hopping in the car on Valentine’s day, if you do head out, walk together hand in hand. Your heart will benefit in more ways than one!