Sharps containers at Sussex Community have had a sustainable makeover

From giving injections to dressing wounds sharps containers play a crucial role in ensuring potentially dangerous instruments are disposed of safely; which is why we’re delighted that they are now more sustainable.

Image to show new sharps bin colouration

What's changed?

Until now sharps containers have been made of virgin plastics, meaning they have been manufactured from new material for a sole purpose. But our new sharps containers are made from a minimum of 40% recycled plastics, ensuring we protect our staff and patients while also protecting our environment.

The design and the way they are used is the same, they are just effective and secure and remain compatible with current accessories, trolleys and brackets.

The only difference you will notice is the colour, which is a slightly darker shade of yellow and a new green label displayed on the container highlighting that they are an ‘eco-container’. The transition to using these new containers will be seamless – if they are ordered through NHS Supply Chain you can continue to purchase the current product as normal and will automatically receive the new containers.

These new containers are certainly a step in a the right direction, as they allow us to reduce our reliance of virgin plastics. One step better would be for us to source reusable sharps containers that we can use over and over, instead of disposing of them when they become full.

A simple switch to help us on the road to net zero

As part of our Green Plan, we’ve pledged to reduce our use of plastics across the Trust and using these new containers supports this ambition. This also aligns with our Sustainable Healthcare Principles; Respecting Resources and Streamlining Processes & Pathways. Through using these new containers everyone can contribute to deliver on our goals of reducing carbon emissions to Net Zero by 2040.