Shake it off

Taylor Swift said it best with her hit single Shake It Off – a bit of movement can do wonders for your mood.

Spanish dancer with swirling fabric moving around her

Why movement breaks are good for you

When working either at home or on site, it can be all to easy to stay doing the same thing in the same position all day without realizing you haven’t really moved much.

If you are using your brain all day, giving it a rest while you use your  body is a great way to refocus and refresh your thinking. Taking a short break to go for a walk around the block even for just five minutes can help problem solve and destress.

High intensity bursts of exercise are great for getting the heart pumping and the feel good hormones flowing. One minute of star jumps for example, followed by one minute of rest, and then another minute of leg lunges and another minute of rest and so on for five minute bursts a couple of times per day can do wonders for your fitness levels and your mood. Check out a previous post on High Intensity exercise.

Simply standing up and stretching can help to reduce the risk of back ache and eye strain, giving you a moment to recharge.

Paradoxically, we actually need to take these breaks out from our working day to be more productive. Mixing up the day with mini movement breaks can increase focus and creative thinking too which can help us tackle problems and reduce any associated anxiety.