Selfies wanted for #meatfreemonday

The very popular #meatfreemonday dare is making a comeback and we want to feature SCFT staff in the posters to promote it.

Selfies wanted for #meatfreemonday

What is the #meatfreenmonday pledge?

Too much meat isn’t good for us, or the environment. By cutting down the amount of meat we eat and replacing with other proteins we can:

  • improve our own health
  • save money
  • reduce our impact on the environment

Our ‘meat free Monday’ dare is a simple pledge to go meat free for just one day per week, and the more people that give it a go, the bigger our impact will be.

How you can get involved

We are making a poster to go up across our sites to promote the dare.

To help create a poster that is meaningful we want to feature real people on it and we would love it if you could email us photos of you enjoying your favourite meat free meals.

It could be lunch or dinner, or even a snack but it has to be clearly meat free.

Please email your photos  use the highest quality setting on your phone so we can print them) to hello@carewithoutcarbon.org by Friday 14th August.

Emailing your photo will be consent for us to use it in a poster and a shareable graphic for social media.