Secondhand saves money and waste

As the cost of living crisis impacts our wallets, finding ways to save money has never been more relevant. We look at the value in buying previously used items to save money and reduce waste.

Secondhand saves money and waste

Charity shops, flea markets, car boots and jumble sales

There are a wealth of options for the savvy bargain hunter with every high street home to several charity shop chains from Oxfam to Age Concern. Most have a changing room these days so you try on before you buy to make sure clothes are the perfect fit.

You can also find household goods from plates and mugs to curtains and rugs. Some larger shops also stock furniture.

As we approach Christmas keep an eye out for the school winter fairs, they offer a great way to stock up on presents for little ones with loads of kids toys and books on sale at really low prices. Reusing children’s’ toys can really help reduce the carbon footprint in creating them, especially as so many are made from plastic.

If you want to have a declutter then doing a car boot is another great way to reduce your waste, and make some extra money into the bargain. You might even pick up some bargains of your own while you are there. If you don’t drive you can still do a car  boot, just take along a large wheeled suitcase with all your items for sale.

Get it for free

There are some brilliant websites out there now that offer you a way to get rid of things you don’t want but could have a home elsewhere, or where you can pick up a free bargain.

Google Freecycle or Freegle for your area to see what is on offer. There is everything on there from cups to cars. Just be sure to let someone know where you are going to collect your freebie, or if someone is turning up at your home so that you can stay safe.

For free food check out Olio. 

FaceBook Market also offers free items, although some are also for sale (but you can still get a bargain).

See if where you work has a reuse network too (at SCFT there is Warp It for example) and you’ll find things you might need for work on there.

A good habit is to set aside some time each week to check into the online sites and browse what is available. You may spot something to inspire you. You can also set alerts for items you are looking for specifically.

Organise your own!

You could set up a clothes swap with friends and family to revamp the wardrobe without spending anything. It offers a lovely excuse to get together and socialise too.

These days vintage and pre loved items are increasingly popular as people see the value in giving something a second lease of life, and saving on outgoings too.