Save the date for the Green Plan celebration!

All NHS organisations now have a Green Plan to tackle the environmental impact of healthcare and ensure we deliver on our Net Zero Carbon by 2040 target commitments.

reener NHS south east Celebration Graphic

Healthier Planet, Healthier People

Greener NHS are hosting a celebration on the 5th of July to mark this achievement and to raise awareness of the importance of sustainability within the organisation. Please see the following link to register.

The event will feature a series of talks from various individuals such as Nick Watts (NHS Chief Sustainability Officer), as well as talks from representatives from across the south east geographical county areas.

What is a Green Plan?

Put simply, the Green Plan sets out how we will reduce our carbon emissions to reach Net Zero Carbon by 2040. The plan is our organisational strategy for delivering more sustainable healthcare.

NHS England are focused on embedding sustainability throughout the entire organisation to ensure each different part of the NHS (Trusts, ICSs, CCGs, etc.) has a Green Plan in place.

Sustainable Healthcare Principles

Within our region the Care Without Carbon framework is the structure for all the Green Plans. This framework is underpinned by three clear Sustainable Healthcare Principles:

  • Healthier Lives – Helping people stay healthy will reduce the medical attention they will require. Through adopting a preventative healthcare approach we can ensure the sustainability of resources in the long term.
  • Streamlined Processes and Pathways – By analysing the way we operate on a regular basis we can ensure efficiency of our processes and pathways. This can be achieved by dedicating time to Quality Improvement projects to monitor and evaluate the long term sustainability of different processes and pathways.
  • Respecting Resources – We all have a part to play in ensuring the resources available to us are used with consideration. From commuting, to the amount of waste we generate. This principle asks that we make a conscious effort to regularly reflect on the frequency and necessity of using of resources.

Read the full reports here:

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