SASH has new ways for staff to be greener at work

Many of us want to be greener but aren’t quite sure how we can do it. SASH offers staff easy ways to help them reduce their impact on the environment through a range of small pledges, called dares, and this month there are some new dares on offer…

SASH has new ways for staff to be greener at work

What are the new ways staff can get involved?

We have developed some new pledges as part of our ongoing Dare to Care programme in support of our work to deliver Care Without Carbon.  This is to help us reduce our impact on the environment, through using less energy, travelling differently, creating less waste and looking after our wellbeing.

Our new pledges are:

#Oneless piece of single use plastic – stop using at least one item of single use plastic, whether that is a disposable cup or a plastic bag, and replace it with a more sustainable alternative.

BYO – not booze! Bring in your own lunch, breakfast or dinner and your own coffee cup or water bottle. Save money and reduce waste.

Share your dare – pledge to talk to colleagues about what we can do to reduce our impact on the environment, and encourage others to make a pledge with you.

In addition to the new dares  we still have a range of core dares you can choose from including ‘switch it off’ and ‘meat free Monday’.

Why do these pledges help to support Care Without Carbon?

Care Without Carbon is the Trust’s strategy for creating a greener NHS, and an engagement programme called Dare to Care was created to encourage staff to get involved.

Dare to Care features a range of small pledges, that staff can choose to take, which reduce their impact on the environment, can help to boost wellbeing and also might save money. These three things support what we call the ‘triple bottom line’ of what we are talking about when we say ‘sustainable healthcare’.

And the whole purpose of Care Without Carbon is to create a more sustainable healthcare system because we want to ensure that we are here to deliver the care we offer today, for people in the future.

How do I make my pledge?

Making your pledge is easy – simply click here, choose which Trust you work for, and select the pledges that matter most to you.

It isn’t cheating if you are already doing the thing you pledge to do because a) you will actually do it and b) we want to know how many people are doing these things so we can work out the big difference it makes when a lot of people are making small changes to how they live.

And don’t worry, once you make your pledge we trust you to do it as best you can, and we don’t get in touch to check up!