SASH get new pledges for creating a greener NHS

SASH NHS Trust are working hard to create a greener NHS, with staff encouraged to support this work through the ongoing Dare to Care programme. We’re excited to share a new range of dares for staff to choose so can continue to create change together.

SASH get new pledges for creating a greener NHS

What are the new dares?

We call them dares, they are small pledges that we can make to do things differently to reduce our impact on the environment. The dares are designed so that they can also help boost wellbeing, and possibly save some money too. We call it the triple bottom line of sustainability. Whatever you choose to call it they are three good reasons to make a pledge!

So let’s meet the new pledges:

#Oneless piece of single use plastic – stop using at least one item of single use plastic, whether that is a disposable cup or a plastic bag, and replace it with a more sustainable alternative.

BYO – not booze! Bring in your own lunch, breakfast or dinner and your own coffee cup or water bottle. Save money and reduce waste.

Share your dare – pledge to talk to colleagues about what we can do to reduce our impact on the environment, and encourage others to make a pledge with you.

To make your pledge just go to the dares section of this website. It takes no more than a minute and the difference it makes when we have a lot of people doing these small things is impressive. Individual actions add up to big change.

Don't worry if you have pledged before - you can do it again!

We also have a selection of ‘core dares’ available for you to pledge, and these dares support our Care Without Carbon strategy to help us reduce our impact on the environment, including ‘switch it off’ and ‘one less care journey’.

If you have signed up to a dare before you can go  back and make a new pledge, the more you make the bigger the impact we can have – even if we only uphold our pledge half the time that is more than not doing it at all!