SASH are choosing to Care Without Carbon

Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust (SASH ) are working hard to create a greener NHS with Care Without Carbon at SASH.

SASH are choosing to Care Without Carbon

Introducing Care Without Carbon at SASH

Healthcare and caring for our environment go hand in hand – The Lancet has called climate change the biggest global health threat of the 21st century. All NHS Trusts must reduce their carbon footprint by 34% by 2020 (in line with the UK’s Climate Change Act) to help tackle this problem.

To help SASH achieve this target it is working with Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust who pioneered the Care Without Carbon (CWC) approach to delivering more sustainable healthcare.

There are seven steps to CWC, which embrace all aspects of the Trust’s work both clinical and non-clinical, so all staff can help to minimise impact on the environment.

Through tackling its carbon footprint SASH can also help to improve staff wellbeing, and save money that can be better used for patient care.

“Care Without Carbon is how, at SASH, we can each play an important part in making a difference by taking simple steps to make our NHS more sustainable – please join in and Dare to Care.”  Ian Mackenzie, Director of information and facilities, Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust

Dare to Care - a staff engagement programme for Care Without Carbon

Creating positive change takes more than strategic plans and policies. While those things help to shape and drive the direction of what needs to change, it takes people to make it happen.

That is where Dare to Care comes in – it is a tried and tested staff engagement programme to encourage staff to make small changes in their working life that will reduce their impact on the environment, boost wellbeing and possibly save some money too.

Dare to Care launches in November at SASH, and all staff can sign up to a dare direct on the Care Without Carbon website.

What are the dares?

There are ten dares (pledges) for staff to choose from; these are small things to do differently in the working day (or night) that aren’t too much to take on for one person but when a lot of people are doing it adds up to a big difference.

The dares are:

  • one less car journey – make one journey a car free journey in the week either at work or at home, you can choose your replacement travel mode from walking, cycling or public transport
  • switch it off – turn off lights, monitors, chargers etc at the end of the day and when out at meetings
  • check it before you bin it – think about where to put your waste so we can recycle as much as possible
  • meat free Monday – one day in the week go meat free (it doesn’t have to be a Monday). Meat production is one of the biggest contributors to greenhouse gasses that cause climate change, plus a diet high in meat is linked to many health issues that might be avoided.
  • take a walk – use your breaks to take some time for yourself and get some fresh air
  • drink every drop – stay hydrated in the workplace with a refillable water bottle
  • get on a bike – try a cleaner commute at least one day per week
  • keep waste confidential – ensure only confidential waste paper goes in these bins
  • step up – use the stairs instead of the lift as much as possible
  • drive down fuel costs by eco driving – reduce your speed and save ££s on fuel

Staff can sign up here individually for as many of the dares as they like – or you can get together as a team to take on a dare or two. To sign up as a team email your names and chosen dare(s) to hayleycarmichael@nhs.net.

These dares will help everyone at SASH to reduce their impact on the environment, boost wellbeing and maybe even save some money too.