Popcorn – a snack for all seasons

National Popcorn Day celebrates this low-cal treat we all love to eat


A healthy treat

The US celebrate national popcorn day every January. The snack, now synonymous with going to the cinema, first became popular in the 1800’s. It has grown in popularity over the years and today is the movie-night treat of choice.

The light and airy kernels have us all believing they are a low cal, healthy treat, but is this true?

This article on NHS Choices is useful for learning more. It explores the healthy properties of popcorn, which are not mostly from fibre, as you might think, but rather from polyphenols. These are antioxidants which can help to combat heart disease and cancer.

It’s all in the toppings

If you stick to just plain popcorn then you are fine, and all those polyphenols will do you good. But once you start to add sugary or salty toppings and coatings then your popcorn loses all the goodness benefits. It may taste more like a treat but the health factor is lost.

So next movie night give plain popcorn  a whirl, and enjoy a treat that’s doing you good too!

These healthy popcorn toppings taste amazing and keep the goodness factor high if plain popcorn doesn’t appeal.