Plastic is not fantastic

We want everyone to commit to #oneless piece of single use plastic. The world has woken up to the dangers of casual plastic use and all it takes is for you to decide you’ll do your bit too…

Plastic is not fantastic

#oneless is something everyone can do

At Sussex Community we are keen to see our plastic use reduce as well as across the wider NHS.

In the NHS we have a lot of single use plastic. Most of this is clinically necessary (or at least it is until we can find different ways to do things) but some of it we can tackle.

Shocking fact: The NHS throws away 300,000 plastic cups every day

We want all our staff to reduce their use of single use plastic one item at a time. This could be a plastic cup, a straw or a bag – whatever you notice you use a lot that you don’t really have to use – simply stop using it or find a better alternative.

Use this toolkit

We have created a simple toolkit to help you make different decisions about the plastic products you choose to use.

Download it here.

Make a pledge to use less plastic

We invite everyone to make a pledge to use #oneless piece of single use plastic simple visit www.carewithoutcarbon.org/dares and make your pledge.

We welcome your ideas on single use plastics that you think we could stop using in the NHS – email hello@carewithoutcarbon.org to share them!


David Attenborough tells us why it matters

Plastic is a growing problem as we continue to consume single use items that immediately end up in landfill – and as David Attenborough highlighted, in our oceans and natural environments.

We need oil to make plastic, and with limited reserves it is vital we use it for the products that matter most.

Reducing your single use plastic use will:

• Help you enjoy a cleaner natural environment
• Support the NHS in its journey to become more sustainable
• Save money in the longer term as you don’t need to repeat purchase
• Save the NHS money through recycling or less incineration
• Help you feel better knowing you are doing your bit to make a positive difference