Pies, glorious pies

British Pie Week is 7th March – get creative with these healthier pies

Pies, glorious pies

Eat yourself healthy

If British Pie Week brings to mind puff pastry rich with butter, and lashings of steak in ale gravy think again.

Well, it could be about that. But what if it wasn’t? What if pies could be better for you while losing none of the taste?

Our motto is #eatwell because #selfcare is #sustainableheathcare.

So to celebrate British Pie Week we’re sharing some inspiring alternative pie recipes that have the feel-good factor whilst also doing you (and maybe the planet too) good. Let’s face it, less meat means less carbon.

Winter vegetables with a parmesan crust – okay we know the cheese is a bit naughty but seasonal veg carries bonus eco-cooking points!

For those who do like a spot of meat in their pie this pastry free chicken and asparagus one should fit the bill nicely – and it is low on the calories while high in taste!

A classic with a veggie twist is a cottage pie. Bursting with flavour and #meatfree goodness we love this Jamie Oliver recipe.

Try these mini pies for a lunch=box filler. The creamy mushroom filling is luxurious, but if you want to cut a bit of the fat, try the light version of shop bought puff pastry.

Roast vegetable and hummus pie – this tasty concoction comes in at under £5 too, so is pleasing on the wallet as well as the taste buds!

Do let us know if you try one of these recipes – it would be great to hear how you found them!