One to buy not bake…

The Dorset Knob is ubiquitous in the region but how to make them is a trade secret.

Shop sign selling Dorset Knobs

A local treat

The Dorset Knob is a classic of the area, enjoyed with a bit of Blue Vinny cheese (another local specialty) or dunked in a cup of tea, or soup.

They are baked three times to give them the crisp hard finish that helps them last for months in the biscuit tin.

The recipe involves bread dough mixed with sugar and butter but the exact proportions are a trade secret, with only one firm now making them in Bridport. They only make them Jan to March as its a labour intensive process that would be unprofitable full time.

The author Thomas Hardy, who was inspired by the Jurassic Coast area, is said to have enjoyed them with a bit of stilton.

The only commercial manufacturer is Moores, here is a link to their shop.