One small step is all it takes

As a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist, Caroline Ohlson has the professional advantage of knowing the power that small steps have to create lasting change.

Dare to be gteener

It is something she shares with her patients, and is a principle she stands by herself. “Doing something differently no matter how insignificant it seems can create real change, there is real value in small steps.”


Take a Dare to create sustainable change

Caroline has been with the Trust since 2009 and has always embraced a sustainable philosophy, she’s no stranger to switching off lights and monitors at the end of the day. “If I’m being honest I was doing a lot of the dares before the campaign, but some had slipped by the wayside, and this was a timely reminder to keep up my promises to myself.”


Every dare makes a difference

She has taken four dares so far, which include meat free Monday and take a walk. She explained, “I firmly believe that if you care about something you need to do more than talk about it – you need to take action. I want to influence what I can, take responsibility for the things I can do something about. That is why I wanted to get involved in Care Without Carbon as a carbon champion, I want to encourage others to do their bit.”

Outside of work Caroline is equally passionate about protecting the environment, she was involved with organising an environmental awareness day in her village with practical talks and demonstrations to help people make positive, greener, lifestyle choices. She finds the dares also help her maintain a greener lifestyle at home, “I find they are a good reminder about what I know I could be doing, or used to do, and just need to get back to doing, like cutting down the driving. I find it hard to avoid the car as part of my work when out at different venues seeing patients, but I do try and walk from the base office to the hospital when I’m there for the afternoon. But at home I can avoid using the car more easily and the Dare to Care campaign has helped remind me of that.”


Dare to be gteener

For Caroline it all comes to down to the future, of the planet and people. “When it comes down to it we need to use our resources more wisely, and that includes people as well as energy. There is also a positive impact for the NHS “There is an ever increasing demand on the NHS, and we can do something to help manage that by better managing the resources we use to meet that demand. In the short term the Trust can save money, so that it is around for the longer term. It just makes good sense.” If I take a walk I feel more energised, and I’ve saved some money and I’ve contributed to cutting carbon emissions for the NHS and the environment – everyone wins. “