Old stuff day

March 2nd is national old stuff day. Let’s celebrate the old and make it new again

Old stuff day

What is old stuff day all about?

Old stuff day emerged out of a desire to see less waste, through re-connecting with our old things. Every home has a cupboard, loft, garage or shed that is stuffed with things forgotten but kept hold of ‘just in case’.

The day celebrates this stuff, and invites us all to have root around our storage, and dig out old memories, reflect on what we need and maybe consider rehoming a few items.

Reduce waste

With vintage now high chic for home and wardrobe, you could find some lost treasures lurking forgotten that you can resurrect. A bit of nifty tailoring can transform old clothes into new outfits. And a polish up could return old bits and bobs to former glory.

And you can polish your carbon cutting halo too – as reusing old items has less impact on the environment.

Save cash

Reusing old items saves you having to buy more, which is good news for your wallet. You could even re-gift things and reduce the cost of upcoming birthday celebrations!

Or gather a selection of old items you really don’t want anymore and sell on ebay, or do a car boot sale for some extra income.

Decluttering is good for our mental health

There is something very cathartic about having a clear out. It is a great way to feel like you are taking charge of things, and getting on top of stuff. A declutter of the home also works as a declutter of the mind, which can help to reduce stress and improve overall wellbeing.

So celebrate national old stuff day and you could also enjoy a new lease of life!