New dares for Sussex Partnership

We are working hard to deliver Care Without Carbon at Sussex Partnership, and it is great to see staff supporting that work through their Dare to Care pledges, showing us what is possible when we come together to create change.

New dares for Sussex Partnership

New dares for you to choose from

We are delighted with progress for our ongoing Dare to Care programme, which encourages staff at Sussex Partnership to do things differently to help us create a greener NHS.

To keep up momentum we have updated the range of dares (a small pledge to do things differently) available with four new ones on offer.

Our new dares are:

#Oneless piece of single use plastic – stop using at least one item of single use plastic, whether that is a disposable cup or a plastic bag, and replace it with a more sustainable alternative.

Drive down fuel costs – when travel by car is unavoidable adopt eco-friendly driving techniques to reduce your carbon emissions.

Green your workspace – whether it’s a plant indoors, or a clean up of the landscape at work help to create a greener environment for everyone’s wellbeing.

Get on a bike – choose more active travel and feel the mental and physical benefits of zero carbon transport.

As with all our dares, these are pledges designed to reduce impact on the environment from cutting carbon to cutting waste, and they can also boost wellbeing and maybe even save some money too. Three good reasons right there to make sure you sign up!

The 'core dares' are still available too

The Dare to Care programme is designed to support our Care Without Carbon strategy, with the aim of reducing our carbon footprint by 51% by 2025.

Our ‘core dares’ link into this strategy, including dares such as ‘switch it off’ and ‘one less car journey’.

If you haven’t made a pledge yet, or would like to make a new pledge just visit the dares page of this website to register your pledges now.

To date over 250 staff have made over 1,100 pledges which is fantastic – we want to double that before March 2020 and you can help us get there. Make your pledge today.