Help finding happy

Need help to find your happy? March 20th is the international day of happiness…

Help finding happy

Happiness is as important as health and wealth

The UN decided in 2011 that we had our priorities a bit skewed when it came to how we judged a successful society.

They highlighted the fact that  money and even good physical health could not compensate for unhappiness.

So they decreed an International Day of Happiness – to promote the importance of finding and sustaining your happy every day.

That day is March 20th every year. Countries around the globe celebrate what makes us happy, and look to ways to improve the things that don’t.

Meet Action for Happiness

Action for Happiness are global organisation who have made it their mission to bring more happiness into the world.


  • Happier people are healthier
  • Happier people work more productively
  • Happier people get involved in things, like doing their bit for the environment
  • Being happier is just a good thing.

Here are Action for Happiness’s 10 tips for a happier life.

Happiness Workshop at SCFT

SCFT staff can get some help to find their happy this May, as part of the Wellbeing@Work Festival that runs across the Trust.

There is a Happiness Workshop on May 3rd at the Quadrant in Worthing. Staff can book places via the Pulse.