National Picnic Month

July is National Picnic Month, celebrating outside spaces that make us feel good. As part of our Care Without Carbon programme we’re keen to support everyone in making good use of green spaces.

National Picnic Month

Celebrating our green spaces and enjoying outdoors

The American Bakers’ Association founded National Picnic Month in 1952 and it has spread around the world as a fun way to promote getting outdoors.

The history of the picnic goes back a long way, starting in the early 1800’s as a very formal social gathering to the more informal get together with friends and family that it is today. The word picnic comes from the French, piquenique. The word is made up of two parts: piquer which translates as ‘to peck/to pick’ and nique which means ‘a small amount’, hence the sharing nibble nature of picnic food.

Care Without Carbon , created by Sussex Community and now in partnership with many other Trusts including Sussex Partnership, SASH and ESHT, is designed to help us reduce our impact on the environment. It encourages everyone to make use of green spaces for wellbeing in both mind and body – a picnic is the perfect excuse to get out there and enjoy the nature around us.

If you are fortunate enough to have green spaces on site, why not turn a meal break into a mini picnic?

For picnic inspiration this article has 25 meat free picnic food recipes.

If you’re going to try meat free, why not make a ‘meat free Monday pledge’ through Care Without Carbon? Just click here, select the relevant Trust or organization from the list and make your pledge.