National Marine Week

Despite being called National Marine Week, it is actually a fortnight of celebrations to encourage us to think more about the water we can enjoy all around us. Water really is the stuff of life, and it is why preserving our water supplies and our marine environments is a key part of Care Without Carbon.

National Marine Week

Water, water everywhere!

The Wildlife Trust celebrates National Marine Week every year, with the aim of focusing our attention on our marine environments. Despite its name, it actually takes place from 24th July to 8th August. This is to allow for the variation in tides all around the country so everyone can take part at some point.

Did you know that in the UK we are never further than 70 miles from the coast? The sea is literally on our doorstep, accessible by public transport as well as car, and if you are feeling energetic it is a doable cycle ride too. On the South Coast we are especially lucky to have great access to our marine world.

As David Attenborough has highlighted, our use of plastic is choking up our seas and oceans with plastic waste. One way we can support National Marine Week is to reduce our plastic use, so less can end up there in the future. Perhaps you could organise a beach clean?

Looking after our marine world is vital, the sea helps with flood management for coastal areas, and is part of our water purification process so that what we get from our taps in drinkable, plus the vegetation under water helps generate the oxygen in the air we breathe.

To support National Marine Week why not make the “one less piece of plastic” pledge through Care Without Carbon. Just click here, select your organization, or ‘other’, from the list and make your pledge to help us keep our marine spaces plastic free.