National Lost Sock Day

We’re all for National Lost Sock Day because it gives us the perfect excuse to think about reuse – what can you do with a single sock?

stripy blue sock

What is National Lost Sock Day all about?

This is an American celebration we could not resist  getting on board with.

Just as the mystery of where missing socks go has never been solved (we can’t even blame the tumble drier as we like to save energy and dry on the line or a maiden), we have no clue as to how National Lost Sock Day ever got started but somehow, every year in May people remember their lost socks…

This is all for fun but  there is a more serious side to this – what to do with a single sock? In a throw away world we thought it was worth thinking about how to make best use of this lonesome item.

5 things to do with a single sock

It is surprising what you can do with a single sock, beyond the classic of pairing it with another single sock and embracing the miss match (also a good idea for reuse though).

  1. Create a ‘handy’ dust cloth. Pop the sock on your hand and use it to wipe down dusty surfaces from skirting boards to slats on blinds. It will help polish up a surface in no time.
  2. Make a sock puppet. This is an easy way to spend a rainy afternoon with a small child (or creative adult), sew on eyes, a mouth, hair, whatever you fancy and create your own version of The Muppets.

sock puppets

  1. Save yourself from slobber. When walking the dog, use an old sock on your hand when playing catch and keep the slobber off your skin (ideal if you have a bit of an allergy) and your gloves.
  2. Keep your camping kit fresh. Fill a sock with cat litter, tie a knot in it and store with your tent, awning, gazebo etc to help stave off the damp and keep and them smelling fresh for use next season.
  3. Tidy up spare wrapping paper. Snip off the cuff of a sock and use it to hold open rolls of wrapping paper together so it stays in shape for when you want to use it next.

There are lots of other things too, in fact you will find 51 ideas on this handy web page.

If you want to know how many socks you might have available for these ideas check out the Lost Socks Calculator.