More moose per mile than any other US State…

Welcome to Maine, the final destination in our Step Up Challenge  Great Frontier Route, home to over 75,000 moose…


Nature on all sides

Maine is a State surrounded by the wonders of nature from a staggering coastline to mountains and even a desert (although this is the result of over farming it is now a tourist attraction).

Lobster farming/fishing is big business in Maine, it supplies around 90% of all lobster eaten in the US and the local university even has a lobster institute.

With 83% of the State covered in forest it is no surprise it is called The Pine Tree State. And all those woods may have inspired Stephen King who set several of his horror novels in Maine.

Cooking what is on your doorstep

Maine likes to celebrate what it has, so for our recipe inspiration we’re going with a couple of locally sourced gems.

It would be impossible to not have a lobster in a recipe, and we’re going with a hearty lobster chowder to celebrate those flavours. In Maine they actually outlawed tomatoes in a chowder in favour of the potato. Check out this excellent recipe for a really authentic chowder. 


Maine is also famous for its wild sweet blueberries, which locals like to transform into a blueberry cake. Check out this recipe from the Taste of Home website.