One day ‘meat free’ makes a difference

Our ‘meat free monday’ dare is a simple ask but yields impressive results for the environment.

One day ‘meat free’ makes a difference

A simple pledge to go meat free just once per week adds up

Meat Free Monday asks staff a three Trusts (SCFT, SPFT and SASH) to go meat free just one day per week.

In total across the three trusts 862 people have made this pledge to date.

Using a vegetarian calculator (https://vegetariancalculator.com/) we were able to calculate that 862 people going meat free for one day per week over an entire year saves an amazing 91 tonnes of CO2.

To put this into context it equates to the carbon footprint of driving 19 average cars for one year, or the energy needed to run 10 homes for one year.

With around 5,000 staff per Trust, imagine the difference we could make if even half of those made this pledge?!

You make it here.

There are wellbeing benefits too...

There are clear health benefits to eating less meat, such as reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and studies indicate that 50g of processed meat per day, around one sausage, increases the risk of bowel cancer by 18%.

So one day less is clearly beneficial, plus it brings other healthier food options into your diet to replace the meat content.