Make your money go further using our sustainable tips

We have put together some tips and advice to help your money go further, while also helping to reduce your carbon footprint and the impact this can have on our health.

Stacks of coins growing in increments

With prices rising, one key thing to think about, is that sustainable principles can be applied to financial situations. For example, reducing energy use can help to cut costs, and use of fossil fuel.

We are striving to achieve Net Zero Carbon emissions, set out in our Green Plan. The tips included in this guide can help us all work towards that.

Stay warm without using the thermostat

Keeping our homes warm to a comfortable 18°C is key for our health – there are a variety of ways to keep our homes warm without touching the thermostat. The guide includes tips like, blocking drafts, layering up, and more.

Save energy with these simple tips

Reducing our use of energy is good for the planet and our purse. By taking onboard some of our tips such as reducing the temperature of your washing machine or opting for a shower instead of a bath – you can reduce your energy use and the cost of your bill.

Make your fuel go further

Prices are also rising at the fuel pumps, by adopting some of our eco-driving tips you can optimise your car use to get the most miles for your money.

Get the most from your food shop

A bit of forward planning for the week in the form of a meal plan can go a long way. Often avoidable food waste is generated without forward thinking.

Our tips will help to reduce the amount of food you throw away and the keep down costs at the supermarket checkout.

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