Make 2020 the year you start walking more

The Care Without Carbon ‘Step Up Challenge’ is launching across three Trusts this January, February and March, encouraging staff to walk more for #activetravel and a boost in wellbeing in mind and body.

Make 2020 the year you start walking more

Tell me more about the Step Up Challenge...

The challenge invites staff at three NHS Trusts, SCFT, SPFT and SASH to walk or run enough miles over 12 weeks to complete a virtual route:

  1. Southdowns Way
  2. Lands’ End to John O’Groats
  3. The entire UK Coast

Staff complete the route by adding up the miles walked or run each week, even stepping up the stairs instead of taking the lift can count.

Route 1 can be tackled as an individual (or a small team of up to 3 people) but routes 2 & 3  need  a bigger team to collectively achieve the distance over 12 weeks.

With three NHS trusts taking part we will compare results and see which Trust has walked the most over the 12 weeks.

Here's how you can take on the challenge...

Staff working for SASH, SPFT and SCFT can all participate, whether bank, contractors, apprentices, volunteers, part time or full time.

Email hello@carewithoutcarbon.org with your chosen route, names of everyone on the team and your chosen start date in January, February or March.

Teams and individuals can sign up at any time during those months and you will have 12 weeks from the date you choose to start.

You will then receive your challenge toolkit which includes a challenge chart for your route so you can track progress, a poster to get others involved and tips on how to count your steps/miles.

At the end of the 12 weeks email hello@carewithoutcarbon.org  a photo of your finished challenge chart – even if you haven’t manged to clock up enough miles to complete your route.

Once we’ve received your challenge chart we can send out your certificate of participation. In previous years we printed these but in keeping with our #reduce philosophy we’ll be emailing these out this year.

What's so great about walking anyway?

Across all these Trusts we are trying to Care Without Carbon. This is an ongoing piece of work with three key aims; to reduce our impact on the environment, boost wellbeing and save money. The Step Up Challenge, which we run as part of our ongoing Dare to Care programme delivers on all three.

Walking is a stress-busting, health boosting calorie burner than can help cut carbon and air pollution too. On the flat or up the stairs, every step counts. And if you’re walking instead of driving you’ll save ££’s on fuel too.