Love to Ride: Cycle September

Every year Love to Ride run Cycle September. This year the national charity has gone global with it, and we are super excited to take part.

Breathe Easy this September with Love to Ride

Everyone welcome to register for Cycle September - it's free and you can win prizes!

We encourage everyone who cycles (and those who might be tempted to start) to sign up to #CycleSeptember which runs between 1st and 30th September. It’s a month long competition to get more people cycling than ever!

You register your rides as a Trust employee.  Let’s see if we can be the top employer taking part this year! You can win some great prizes for taking part too.

An easy way for us to Care Without Carbon

breathe easy this September with Love to RideWhile the health benefits of cycling are obvious, we’re also keen to reduce the local air pollution around our sites, which will help us all (and especially our patients) breathe a little easier. We are running a new campaign called Breathe Easy September this year, so taking part in Cycle September fits perfectly.

You could also sign up for our new Dare Cycle Challenge called Pedal Power, and logging your rides through Love to Ride will make it easier for you to calculate how far you have traveled for the challenge.

Even if you choose to cycle just one day per week, that is one less car on the roads for that day which all adds up to cleaner air.

For a little extra motivation, you’ll also be saving money on fuel and car wear and tear!

Contact the Travel Team at your Trust for support with cycling.

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