A peach recipe for the Peach State of Georgia

Our Step Up Challenge Route recipe inspirations takes in Peach State Georgia on our Great Frontier route…

Lots of peaches in a pile

The start of the Appalachian Trail

Our Great Frontier Route covers the famous Appalachian Trail which starts in the state of Georgia.

Georgia was named after George II, who was king at the time the English settled the area around 1730. It has a turbulent history, playing a part in the revolution against the English and the American Civil War, it was the starting place for the infamous Trail of Tears, along with conflict over the Civil Rights Movement (Martin Luther King based himself there). However, the State also offers a rich cultural heritage, and is proud of its food.

The State is known as the Peach State; not because it grows the most peaches, but because it grows the best peaches. They came to Georgia around 450 years ago and its lush climate was perfect for growing juicy sweet peaches that gained a reputation for deliciousness around the US. There are 71 streets in Georgia named after peaches as testimony to how valued the fruit is to the State.

Enjoy a Peach Cobbler out of season

The Georgia Peach Council wanted to promote canned peaches and declared April 13th National Peach Cobbler Day to get more people baking this popular dessert.

A peach cobbler is traditionally served with a dollop of ice cream

Peaches are traditionally a summer fruit, and while we advocate eating seasonally, the peach is a fruit that preserves well, so you can capture it peak season and enjoy it out of season.

Bring a little Georgian sunshine to your dinner table with a home baked Peach Cobbler – find a classic recipe from a Georgia local here.

And if you are feeling inspired why not make some Georgia Peach ice-cream to go with it? Find the recipe here. 

Peaches are a great source of nutrients, in particular they are rich in anti-oxidants and as a stone fruit they help protect our skin from UV. Find out more about the health benefits here.