Hydrate Yourself Challenge

Can you and your team drink enough water to fill a bath in just 4 weeks?

Hydrate Yourself Challenge

What is the hydration challenge?

Our latest ‘Dare Challenge’ is all about staying hydrated in the workplace.

Dare Challenges are a great way for teams to support SCFT’s Care Without Carbon and have some fun at the same time. We’re linking self care with sustainable healthcare because often what is good for us, is also good for the environment.

We all need to drink 2 litres of water per day. Get the team together and see how many baths of water you can drink in a month!

Why you should ‘use every drop’

use every dropDrinking enough water every day is vital. It helps us stay healthy, and did you know that if we’re properly hydrated, it can help reduce the need for antibiotics for infections?

There are many benefits to getting enough to drink each day:

  • We think more clearly when we’re hydrated, ensuring our patients get excellent care.
  • Drink more, feel better. Water is good for our health, especially our kidneys.
  • Filling up on tap water is cheaper than buying bottles, and reduces waste too.

How to take part

Decide on your team name.

Register your team with Hayley Carmichael from the Care Without Carbon team so you can claim your certificate at the end.

Hayley will send you your Challenge Toolkit, including the right size challenge chart for your team. Team sizes are:

Up to 3 people

Up to 7 people

Up to 10 people

If you are a large team you can split into several smaller teams and compete against each other!

You can start at any time and once you sign up you have 4 weeks to complete your challenge! It could be the perfect way to kickstart a good habit!