Hug yourself healthy

National hug day is a good excuse to reach out to those we love


It’s national hug day on 21st Jan

Hug day began life in 1986 when Kevin Zaborney decided that people needed to embrace (see what we did there!) the hug a lot more in life.

We’re talking about hugging friends, family and loved ones, and always with their permission, not randomly landing hugs on strangers.


The aim of the day is simply to make people feel a lot more loved and whole lot happier.

Hugs come with extra benefits

While it can be taken as a given that a hug is a feel-good moment, it is so much more too!

The health benefits of the hug are numerous. From lowering blood pressure, to increasing the release of the feel-good bonding hormone oxytocin, the hug does wonderes for both mind and body.

This study looks at whether hugs can reduce the risk of infection, and their findings indicate they can! Put very simply, hugs reduce stress, which in turn helps maintain a more robust immune system.

So we can say with confidence that hugging is healthy!

Free to give and receive

Anyone can hug a friend of family member each and every day at absolutely no cost. It takes mere seconds (apparently a 21 second hug optimum) and the benefits last all day.


There aren’t many things that are this good for you that come for free – so embrace (we did it again!) the hug and reap the rewards.