Home of the honeybee

Our 10th week of the Step Up Challenge recipe routes takes us to part of the Great Frontier Route, New Jersey, which has the honeybee as its state bug.

lots of tomatoes

The most densely populated state in the US

New Jersey is a State we are all aware of thanks to Bruce Springsteen and Bon Jovi, but while the name may be familiar, the place might offer up a few surprises.

The man who invented the lightbulb, Thomas Edison had his laboratory in Mento Park, New Jersey, you could say it is the home of light!

The longest boardwalk in the whole world is in Atlantic City New Jersey, a lovely coastal destination, and it also boasts Jersey Shore.

Across the US it is known as the Garden State because it has such great food which neighbouring New York and Philadelphia both make good use of, with Jersey tomatoes a particular favourite.

Diner's galore...

With 525 diners to its name, New Jersey is known as the diner capital of America.

Diner in New Jersey

So, while it may not be all that  healthy we thought it was worth sharing a couple of dishes that New Jersey is famous for that you might pick up in a diner.

As the Garden State we have to celebrate the tomato with the famous Tomato Pie. This is in fact a pizza, but the tomato sauce goes on top not bottom. You can have a go at making your own here. 

The second dish is Chicken Savoy, a finger licking delight bursting with flavour. We found a recipe for it here.

If you don’t want to cook, New Jersey is also home to Campbells Soup so you can crack open a tin and enjoy a taste of New Jersey with no more effort than heating it in a pan!