Have yourself a green Halloween…

Halloween is a great opportunity to dress up, eat sweet treats and visit family and friends, but trick or treating and sustainable practice don’t always go hand in hand. This year challenge yourself to having the greenest Halloween yet.


What about Halloween isn’t so green?

The 31st of October is usually a time associated with flimsy single-use plastic costumes and endless plastic treat wrappers, we think it’s time this changed. There are a variety of ways that small changes can be made that can have a huge difference for our planet.

Carbon friendly costumes

Firstly, the costume – these are largely 80% plastic and will likely only be worn once so instead of buying a new one for yourself or your little ones year on year, see if you can swap them with friends. You could also offer them on local social media pages once you’ve swapped them with everyone you know.

Another way to reduce the carbon footprint of your costume is to consider hiring a costume from a party shop, you could also try looking in your local charity shop or on sites such as eBay for preloved costumes.

Eat your pumpkin

Hubbub have a scary fact in time for Halloween… This year in the UK 22 million pumpkins are expected to go to waste and be left completely uneaten. Over time as we have grown used to carving pumpkins and using them as decorations, we have forgotten their traditional purpose – to be eaten. They have put together a host of 43 recipes from pumpkin pasta to pumpkin and coconut cake so that you can #EatYourPumpkin.

If you’re planning to use your pumpkin for some spooky décor make sure to keep the seeds and flesh to eat later; you could roast the seeds to make a tasty snack or keep them to sow next year to regrow even more pumpkins. Also, don’t forget to compost anything that’s left to divert it from landfill.

Sweet treats without the waste

Halloween wouldn’t be the same without sweets and chocolates, but multipack products commonly bought at during Halloween often come individually wrapped – try and avoid double wrapped products where possible.

One better would be to visit your local sweet shop and buy loose treats like pick and mix to reduce the amount of waste you produce.

You could even think about making your own sweet treats like treacle toffee apples, to cut on waste.

Let us know what inventive ideas you have this year to make your Halloween celebrations greener!