Happy 70th Birthday NHS – let’s celebrate!

The NHS is asking for 1,000 miles as a 70th birthday present, we have just the thing to help towards it.

70th birthday

Walking for wellness

The NHS was set up 70 years ago to help us all stay healthy. While initially the focus was on tackling illness, now we are moving towards a system that looks to prevent it in the first place.

That is why, for its 70th birthday present, the NHS is calling on the nation to give it 1,000 miles. People are coming together, friends, neighbours, families and colleagues to add their tally to the total. It could be walking, running, cycling or swimming.  Any form of active travel will count towards your miles.

We think our ‘take a walk’ dare is the perfect way to help you add to the NHS’s birthday present. Sign up, and commit to a regular lunch time, or after work walk, in fact you can walk any time you like just so long as it is regular.

What’s to gain?

We all know that exercise is good for weight loss and your heart, but it is good for so much more.

Regular exercise, which active travel is, can boost your feel-good hormones to lift your mood and help you stay focused.

Diabetes, cancer and stroke are all things that regular exercise can help reduce the risk of as we age.

If you’re leaving the car behind, think of all the money you will save on wear and tear, parking and fuel. That could add up to pay for a nice holiday!

Let’s not forget the carbon savings too – fewer cars on the road means less pollution into the atmosphere.

Cleaner air, a healthier active population, both of these things add up to less demand on NHS resources too. This has to be the best birthday present a health service could ever wish for.

So sign up to the ‘take a walk’ dare and help give the NHS 1,000 miles this year!