Happy 10th Birthday Plastic Free July

This month the world celebrates Plastic Free July, a global movement to reduce plastic waste that millions get involved with every year.

Happy 10th Birthday Plastic Free July

What is Plastic Free July?

Let’s celebrate Plastic Free July, a global movement to tackle the growing mountain of plastic waste we are creating with single use and disposable items. Started by the Plastic Free Foundation in Australia back in 2011, it has become an award winning world-wide campaign to reduce plastic waste with millions of people getting involved. This year the campaign reaches a 10 year milestone and every year more and more people have got on board with the call to action – let’s cut plastic waste.

Plastic Free July is an easy way to start to make a difference with the rallying cry ‘choose to refuse’ for items such as straws, bags and cups. There is a lot on the website to support you in choosing to refuse, check it out here.

To  support Plastic Free July we are asking everyone to sign up to our pledge ‘one less piece of single use plastic’ – you can do that here.

In the NHS we have a lot of single use plastic and we also use a lot of plastic in our homes.

We want everyone to reduce their use of single use plastic one item at a time. This could be a plastic cup, a straw or a bag – whatever you notice you use a lot that you don’t really have to use – simply stop using it or find a better alternative.

If we all use just one less item of plastic in our everyday lives it will begin to tackle the mountains of plastic waste we create daily around the world.