Green your workspace – what is it all about?

Find out what our new ‘green your workspace’ pledge is all about and why it benefits both staff and patients as Sussex Partnership strive to become a greener NHS Trust.

Green your workspace  – what is it all about?

A new pledge 'green your workspace' as part of the Dare to Care programme at Sussex Partnership

The new ‘green your workspace’ pledge is all about creating a better working (and healing) environment. It could be about bringing in a potted plant for your work space, which helps improve indoor air quality.

Or it could be about getting outside and enjoying the green spaces around us, whether a walk at lunch or taking a break in one of the court yards.

Perhaps you could create a team building session around planting up some of our green spaces that may look a bit bare or a gardening club? That way you and others will have somewhere outdoors to enjoy whether for a break or an outdoors meeting in fair weather.

If you’re up for improving a neglected green space on your site email hello@carewithoutcarbon.org and we’ll help you get going.

Green spaces benefit our patients too

A project is underway to develop this space into an allotment for service users to participate with and enjoy.

Studies have shown that when patients can look out onto a green space they recover faster – which means less time in hospital and more time back in the comfort of their own home.

If you’d like to know more about the benefits of green space for patients check out this feature by the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare.

How to make your pledge

It may be that this a pledge that you are already doing, which is great! We still need your pledge as it helps us tell a bigger story about the difference it makes when a lot of people are making small changes to the way they do things.

But perhaps this is a pledge that offers you something new to try?

To make your pledge to ‘green your workspace’ visit www.carewithoutcarbon.org/dares. There are a range of other pledges listed that you can also choose from.