Go slow and feel good

20th Oct is International Sloth day when we’re encouraged to slow down and enjoy life at a more leisurely pace

Go slow and feel good

Good for you - good for the planet too

International Sloth Day started a few years ago in America. It was set up to raise awareness of the plight of Sloth’s whose numbers were dropping due to human activities. But the campaign had an important call to action – be more sloth.

In our ever increasingly busy lives, taking the time to slow down and relax is a rare luxury that we often don’t allow ourselves.

In Brighton recently the Martlets charity ran a fundraiser called #bemoresnail, which has the same message. Slow down, and enjoy life.

Walk instead of drive, cycle, or amble to the train station for a day out in the countryside. Take time for you, whether with friends and family or just some alone time.

The go slow movement

There is a growing push back against trying to ‘do it all’ and ‘have it all’.

The slow cooking movement is just one example, encouraging us to cook from scratch, and enjoy the process, as well as the time to eat it at the table. Not only does this help you eat seasonal and healthy foods, it helps to reduce packaging and waste too.

The de-clutter movement wants us to stop frantically buying stuff we don’t need – instead of racing round the shops, have a clear out, give it to charity and enjoy the extra space it gives you.

Organisations like Love to Ride, and Living Streets want us to get out of the car and enjoy our local environments at a more leisurely paceĀ  on foot or by bike. Not only does this give us an easy source of regular exercise (proven to benefit long term health) it helps to cut down on local air pollution which will help everyone breathe more easily.

So let’s all be more sloth, not just on the 20th October, but every day, and we can all reap the rewards.